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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a napa police officer. now, it happened last night when the officers with the napa county special investigative unit did some surveillance in a shopping center near the black bear diner watching a car with three suspects inside. one wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. officers tries to arrest the men at gun point, one of them got out the car and started to struggle with one of the agents would then shot the such once in the chest. the officer was not hurt. he now is on paid lead as the investigation begins and the suspect remains hospitalized and taken to queen of the valley hospital in napa where his name and condition has not been released. we are live in napa this morning for abc7 news. >> it is 6:03 and developing news in oakland where police are senatorring for a man who shot from a car and hit an off-duty paramedic in the head the family and co-workers identified the
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victim as quinn boyer. he is in critical condition. the shooting happened before noon yesterday on keller avenue in oakland. witnesses say a man in a brown car opened fire on quinn boyer's car and his car lost control, slammed into a median, went over a ravine. video from sky 7 shows where he landed. police are not sure what prompted the shooting. abc7 news reporter will have more to about 30 minutes. >> police are trying to democrat how a man died at body was found in a church parking lot. the 39-year-old's body was discovered in the church parking lot around 5:30 yesterday evening. the man had been reported missing monday afternoon. police are waiting for the results of the autopsy but they say this is no reason at this point to suspect foul play. >> new this morning, new information about how much it will cost to get california's
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high-speed rail project up and running. our media participate, the san jose merry news reports construction aside, planning costs are soaring. california rail leaders say it will cost an extra $97 million in office and fieldwork to design the line and has seen construction costs double to $69 billion since voters approved it five years ago. rail officials say much of the latest increase is because of project delays. >> rebound is coming to the bay area for an overnight visit. the president will be attending two private fundraisers in san francisco's pacific heights tonight and two more tomorrow. it will be the first visit here since october when he was raising money for his re-election campaign. this time he is raising funds to help congressional democrats in the mid-term election. >> new this morning, a just-released washington post/abc news poll poll shows most americans, 57 percent of americans support a pathway for
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immigrants to have a path to citizenship and 80 percent are in favor of stricter border control. >> we getting our first look at pope francis and the visit to the tomb of pope john paul ii with this photo available to the press. here video from the actual visit, pope francis toured the tomb after a closeing on the anniversary of his death. he has the tomb located inside st. peter's basilica. >> in the bay area, a driver faces drunk driving charges after crashing into a peninsula home. the man be cad -- crash into a house and sky 7 shows his banged up white s.u.v. on the property. the driver also hit a furniture mover who was inside the home. the man is expected to be okay. ironically the house is scheduled to be demolished next
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week the. >> the enter entertainment commission proposed town 40 concert events this summer with neighborhood groups lobbying for only 20 concerts and they want a 10:30 finish for nighttime events. the concerts will begin may 31. >> ahead, a bay area city takes away the welcome mat for those cash for gold businesses. >> let the political speculation begin. hillary clinton makes the first public appearance since leaving the state department and ahead what a potential democratic rival is saying. >> traffic is moving along swimmingly but there is fog in certain places so stay with us with traffic can weather next
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>> 6:09 on this end. good morning to you. the temperatures are coolest in petaluma at 45. half moon bay at 46, and santa clara is 48 and fairfield and walnut creek at 49. tracy and the bay neighborhoods in the low 50's so we off to a mild start. through the day temperatures will warm nicely. even with the lack of sunshine. slow to mid-60's in san
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francisco, and up to mid-70's around the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland neighborhoods. tomorrow, though, it will be rainy at this time with temperatures cooler in the afternoon, and cool on friday with a stray shower and most of the storms we have this weekend will be up north. now a check on the new accident? >> on lower deck of the bay bridge, a dump truck may have hit the top of the truck on the upper portion of the deck. what we are looking at is a little bit of a slow drive. not blocking any lanes because it truck kept driving but we have a few more commuters headed along westbound from oakland over to san francisco and speaking of bridges we are headed to the antioch bridge where another accident happened on the shoulder, southbound 160, look at bumper to bumper traffic coming out of antioch, that things out when you get closer to concord. metering lights are on and a look at the tolls, the bay bridge it is very busy out
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there. back to you. >> thank you, a contra costa county city is putting a moratorium on cash for gold business. our media partner, the "contra costa times" reports the city council passed the 45 day moratorium on monday in response to complains of visual clutter from the signs on the sidewalks. also, a rise in burglaries and robberies. the police chief says the rise in gold prices has led to an increase in jewelry theft. last year, the thefts accounted for 30 percent of all robberies in san pablo. >> the 2012 presidential race ended but all eyes are on 2016 with a new appearance for hillary clinton. >> and new legal troubles for >> and new legal troubles for the former voicedays of walking
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a look from sutro tower over the marine layer of clouds. also, you can see more high clouds above mount diabolo with low clouds giving way to high clouds and it is a very mild air mass with temperatures five to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. we have sunny spots at noon and 4:00, so mostly cloudy. in the afternoon, low-to-mid 70's i-land and in the mid-to-upper 60's away the bay and still about 60 at the coast. now more news from katie. >> for the first time, michael
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jackson's former dr. puree -- dr. murray is talking as jackson versus a.e.g. trial begins and is suing the concert promoter claiming they are liable for the death of michael jackson and accuse them of negligence for hiring dr. murray. speaking from jail, dr. puree said he did nothing wrong. >> no one knows but i was doing my endeavor to get michael away from propofol. i ordered it to his home but i did not bring it to his home. i met him at his own stash. >> in a bizarre twist during the interview, murray started singing, singing a song by nat king cole and said they both have had hard lives. >> the man who was the voice of elmo is again facing legal trouble, new legal trouble. a lawsuit filed yesterday in new
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york accuses kevin clash of sexually abusing another teenage boy. the suit is from a now 25-year-old man who says he met clerk online when he was 16 and the two had sexual relations. it is the second lawsuit in recent weeks accusing clash of sexually abusing a teen. clash resigned from sesame street in november and denies wrongdoing. >> will she or won't she? hillary clinton is back in the spotlight stirring questions on whether she is preparing for a white house run in 2016. she delivered her first major speech last night since stepping down as secretary of state. she steered clear of politics but praised advocates for women. >> we knew we had to make the case to the whole world that creating opportunities to women and girls directly supports everyone's prosperity and security. >> she shared the stage with vice president biden, a potential democratic rival, and
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he called her service as secretary of state magnificent. supporters of a presidential run have launch add new fundraising site called ready for hillary. >> and an administration is considering taking stronger action against a coach would was seen in december at a practice pushing a player and suspended if they games after this was aired on espn and the clips add up to half an hour of abusive behavior by the coach shoving players, throwing basketballs and taunting them with gay slurs. university officials say they will reconsider their decision to retain the coach. >> it is 6:18. mike nicco is joining us to watch the weather. there is stuff happening. >> stuff. >> what do you call it? >> low clouds. the stuff is not causing any
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flight delays into sfo or oakland or san jose but that is not the case tomorrow when wet stuff comes on. >> good to have you here today, katie. live doppler 7 hd showing do you not need the wet weather gear and it is dry commute. we have been tracking the fog all morning and right now it looks to be thickest at livermore and napa and half mile visibility and up to ten miles' visibility in novato and a mile and plus at half moon bay. and to redwood city not that threatening. now, what will happen today, you can see the high clouds and mid-clouds so we will call it cloudy but we have a mild air mass with temperatures above average everywhere but the coast. tomorrow a chance of rain moving north, that will be on saturday and sunday. you can see the fog through the only hours, until 9:00, that is when the fog dissipates inland,
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and by noon, it is very stubborn over the bay and the coast and by 2:00 it lifts on the bay water but it will stay at coast, and that is why you are in the upper 50's to low 60's with san francisco at 65 and richmond at 68 and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's today. tonight, cloud cover, keeping the temperatures up, and with the rain moving in, moments of us wake up tomorrow with let to mid-50's and upper 40's around santa rosa and napa. high pressure is still holding on. you can see it is a divide and concord -- divide and conquer with a cold front moving through here and bringing an increase in clouds and a chance of rain tomorrow. it will be slick in the morning. at midnight you can see the thick clouds over us and by 3:00 the rain will move in to the bay area from 3:00 do 5:00, it is light to even moderate. that will hang around through
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7:00. from 7:00 to 9:00 we will see a tapering of that and by noon we are getting scattered showers. that will hang around through the afternoon and evening. .25 to .5" of rain is possible in the central bay. half that, though, in the santa clara valley. the seven-day outlook shows all of us four to eight degrees cooler. the slight chance of rain continues friday. best chance of shower activity is the north bay saturday and sunday. very light then. spring warmth on monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> at 6:21 we have a report of a stalled truck on southbound 17 at highway one. it is blocking one lane. we do not see delays in this area but we do see traffic building through santa cruz along northbound one. as we head over to the bay bridge we had a report of a dump truck that hit the upper we deck traveling eastbound. at treasure island there are a few extra tail lights. in antioch there is another
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report of a stalled car southbound 160, possibly an accident over on the shoulder. >> ahead, the retail c.e.o. taking a $49 million pay cut. >> plus, apple wants to release two different iphones and we are learning what is hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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i...i mean, >> welcome back, everyone, thanks for joining us this morning at 6:24. look at this gorgeous view from
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our camera, you can see the on of the sunrise above the clouds. the clouds are sticking around but it will be warm. enjoy it while you can. change comes tomorrow in the form of rain. mike nicco will have the full forecast in a few minutes. >> march madness is stretching into april. no matter how ugly your brackets look, mike, that is not stopping its popularity especially online. a record number of internet users are streaming the games online. had have been 45 million video streams in the last few weeks, 158 percent increase over last year. it adds up to 12.6 million hours of basketball. only cable subscribers can view online. new details on the next iphone from the "wall street journal" reporting it is similar in size and explain to apple's current iphone but they are working on a cheaper model.
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the higher-end mold will have a metal shelf and the other will have a nonmetal shell. apple does not comment on future products before launch. >> the c.e.o. of jc penney is take a huge pay cut making only $1.9 million last year down from the more than $50 million salary in 2011. since taking over, jc penney shares have plunged 60 percent. sales are also down and he acknowledged making mistakes but says jc penney is improving the customer experience at their stores. >> new this morning, an airline is defending the controversial new policy to charge passengers according to how were they weigh. they ditched the flat fee and now is charging travelers per kilogram weight. it works out to 50 cents a pound. 200-pound person pays $100.
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the c.e.o. of the airline claims it is the fairest way to travel and in some cases cheaper. they serve domestic routes in pacific islands. >> that is a weight loss infringement. >> nodated -- a new indictment program. >> and a busy command for president obama and a fundraiser in california. >> truck crashes into the back side of a muni bus in san francisco with impact on people in the bus and outside the bus. >> a bay area paramedic who works on a daily basis to save people's lives, this morning is fighting for his own life after being shot in the head in the oakland hills. i will have the latest on his condition and the man hunt for his shooters. >> and a beautiful sunrise from
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mount tamalpais, our roller coaster of temperatures in the mid-70's and we will end up in the mid-70's next week with rain in between. >> this is leyla gulen from the abc7 news traffic center, we are looking at the bay bridge where metering lights are on and track is pouring into san francisco, we had an early incident on the lower deck at treasure island and that is cleared but i will have the travel times coming up when abc
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday the 4th of april. can you believe lou -- how fast the year is zipping by? tax time is around the corner. we have a beautiful shot looking at the east bay at the sunrise and the clouds in front of us. enough of that.
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back to business. >> but it was so pretty. >> i am katie marzullo, here for kristen sze. we have another gorgeous view from mr. mike nicco. >> wow, is the check in the mail? >> i thought you meant the radar the. >> no, i was talking about you. >> italian cookies -- i gave her so he is being nice. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd is better than what you will see this time tomorrow because i will be tracking steady, light-to-moderate rain and leyla gulen will follow accidents. enjoy the commute this morning. we have some issues, half mile visibility at livermore, and so far, no arrival delay at sfo or san jose and we will have breaks in the cloud cover and low-to-mid 60's for the better
6:29 am
part of the afternoon with a few areas seeing 70's for highs. the fog is thickest this morning and you will be the warmest this afternoon, mid-60's at noon to mid-70's at 4:00, and bill be coolest at the coast with the clouds stub around and least likely area to see sunshine happening out in the mid-to-upper 50's. >> traffic is taxing on 580. right now, though, the lower deck of the bay bridge is checked out by c.h.p. right now because earlier a dump truck ended up hitting the roof. you could see lane blockage and slowing as a result of the activity but right now there are clear conditions. you can see lots of slowing along westbound 80 coming away from the macarthur maze to san francisco. now, to talk about travel times, 580, looking at westbound from the central valley, you are 40 minutes to get from dublin/pleasanton, that is
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looking so-so between antioch and concord and 2 minutes between highway 85 and 237. now, this is san jose, the drive along 280, northbound, headlight s are extra coming away from 17. >> new developments about the man shot in the head while driving in a quiet oakland neighborhood yesterday. he is a bay area paramedic driving through the area while off duty. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live in san jose where he works. >> quinn boyer has been a paramedic here for two years at santa clara ambulance. he is shot in the head and in critical condition. we have sky 7 overhead after the crash that followed the shooting. this is what happened. he was off duty as katie mentioned. before noon he was shot in the head on keller avenue in oakland hills. a quiet neighborhood, usually.
6:31 am
a plan fired on boy are while at the intersection. the paramedic slammed off and went over the median and ran into a ravine. the operations manager says his colleagues are deeply affected by this tragedy. >> we are trained to handle emergency situations on a daily basis but when it is one of our brothers out there that is impacted during a herrible -- horrible situations we find ourselves pulled physically and emotionally. >> he is hospitalized this morning in critical condition. >> police do not know what caused the shooting. they are focused on finding the shooter but they have not provided a description of who they are looking for. at santa clara ambulance i am told that the employees are reeling after the tragedy because two years ago another of their colleagues was beaten at a
6:32 am
dodgers game opening day with the giants and he has been fighting for his life. now they are dealing with this tragedy. reporting live in san jose for abc7 news. >> thank you, kir. a. >> this morning, three are recovering after a san francisco accident involving a muni bus. a spokesman says that the because -- the bus driver and two passengers suffered injuries >> new this morning, caltran will reinspect hundreds of parts on the new span of the eastern bay bridge after steel rods broke. dyson corporation of ohio made or supplied many of the bolts and other parts that went into construction of the new $6.5 billion spokesman. concern over control control emergeed when it was disclose
6:33 am
add third of the rods snapped when they were tightened in place. >> president obama is coming to the bay area today to help raise money for fellow democrats. the white house says he will headlight private fundraisers in san francisco's pacific heights. democrats are focused on retaining control of the not and trying to regain control of the house of representatives. he was last here in october for his re-election campaign. >> the man accused of plowing a car through the front of the san jose walmart and attacking people is expected to face a judge tomorrow in that case. hamid zaid is in the santa clara county jail on $200,000 bail. police say he crashed the car into 9 walmart store and attacked customers. several people stepped in to stop him including the man if this video in the red hat lying on top of zaid. art says he jumped into action.
6:34 am
>> i said "stay down" and he looked at me and said "what did i do, credit do nothing wrong." i am like, look at this carnage. >> zaid has a hit of drug-related problems. documents show he drove through the front of a car wash in san jose in december while high on methamphetamine and he tossed chair through a window at a pub two months earlier. >> san jose mayor is putting new pressure on major league baseball to make a decision on a plan to move the a's to his city. the mayor says he wants a face-to-face meeting with the commissioner to kick start the process that has been dragging on for four years. the giants are opposed to the off because they have territorial rights to san jose but city officials are threatening to go to court to challenge the giants' claim and bring the a's to the bay area biggest city. a personal meeting could avoid
6:35 am
litigation. >> we are continuing to follow developing new from wine country. police open fire on a man. officers say they had no choice. >> bay area hotel workers hit the picket line with accusations they are making and which hotels will be impacted. >> at 6:37, great our roof camera you can see cloudy and foggy morning over the bay br
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>> check out this beautiful picture, all the way back to mount diabolo, wonderful colors of the impending sunrise if you are above the clouds this morning. they will break up around noon. that will lead to warmer temperatures, from five degrees warmer in oakland and 75 to san francisco jumping up to 65 degrees. that is seven degrees warmer
6:38 am
than yesterday. we are running 50 in the financial district and 51 in richmond, and belmont and pittsburg and union city and 48 in santa clara and walnut creek at 49. as we head throughout the day we will have 65 in san francisco, 68 in richmond and let to mid-70's for the rest of us. if you head to the game it is game three, off to a rough start, 7:05 is first push and 56 by the end of the game with cloudy skies. third time is the charm. we have a new accident. leyla? >> good morning, everyone, at 6:40, in livermore we have a car and a motorcycle accident, eastbound 84 at ruby hill with orange on the map and patches of fog in the area could hamper the drive along 580 so watch out for that. jumping over to your drive along 880, at fremont, southbound side, a three car crash is blocked one lane. we are looking at brake lights
6:39 am
from 84. give yourself extra time this morning. >> thank you, leyla at 6:41. guests at a hotel will wake up to a picket line at hyatt fisherman's wharf our labor issues. this is the granted hyatt hotel in san francisco's financial district. union local 2 organizers want to create a position for a workers representative, hoping to get all hotel workers recommended in boardroom decisions. tomorrow, they will rally outside the santa clara hyatt. >> congress debates new gun control measures, one state is not waiting much the sweeping new restrictions will be passed today. >> look at the big board right now, the dow is down just about ten points. we will go live to jane king at the stock exchange.
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>> and an officer opened fire on >> and an officer opened fire on a man outsidedays of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> another beautiful picture of the sunrise coming upon us. look at this from mount tamalpais, absolutely gorgeous colors. we have to move on, though, you can check out my facebook site and i will post the pictures of the sun this morning. we will be from two degrees warmer-than-average in san francisco at 65 and low-to-mid 70's in oakland and livermore, which is ten degrees warmer-than-average. this is high pressure over us
6:43 am
and it is dry even with the cloud cover. everyone will be upper 70's to mid-80's. tahoe is 64. yosemite is 72. palm springs 94 degrees! safe travels. enjoy the weather. >> 6:45. we are following develops news from napa where a police officer shot a man during a police stake out. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with the latest. cornell? >> that shooting happened in a busy shopping center parking lot. we got off the phone with the sheriff, and they say that suspect remains hospitalized this morning after being shot and seriously wounded by a napa police officer. now, it happened last night when officers with a napa county special investigative unit was doing surveillance on a shopping center near a home depot watching a car with three suspects, one wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. the sheriff officials say when the officers tried to arrest the
6:44 am
men at gunpoint, one of them got out of the car, started to struggle with one of the agents who then shot the suspect once in the chest. that officer was not hurt. he now is on paid administration leave as the investigate begins, and the suspect and at queen of the valley hospital in napa and his name and condition have not yet been released. we are live at the sheriff's department of napa. >> we have break news for you from the east bay. officers are on the scene of a deadly stabbing in oakland on international boulevard at 23rd avenue 90 minutes ago. a plan was found with several stab wounds and died at the scene. police are not releasing information of suspects but if you are in the area, expect to see police tape and investigators there for a while. now a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday morning, and to all of you in the bay area,
6:45 am
coming up, much more on the prison break in texas, officials there are shocked, a massive manhunt underway if two escaped inmates who are called extremely dangerous. we are live from the scene all morning with updates all next, right here, on "good morning america" ahead. >> this morning, a connecticut legislature is expected to approve a bill creating the toughest gun laws in the nation, coming four months after the sandy hook elementary school shooting including background checks for all gun sales, a ban on all new gun magazines that hold ten bullets or more and people who already own high capacity magazines must now register them. 26 died in the dismassacre. parents say the new law does not go far enough. >> growing talk of political aspiration of facebook's c.e.o. and disappointing news on the job front. jane king has more.
6:46 am
>> good morning, job growth is not as strong as expected, at least according to this report from adp showing the economy creating 20 percent fewer jobs than march and what was expected. the main reason was weakness in construction. a survey on cricket shows a sharp increase of people using tax refunds to pay for necessities. the dow is quiet and lower so far today and the bloomberg silicon valley index is trading up a quarter of a percent. zynga shares, with a new announcement and facebook and twitter have a measure reason to be, and they can post earnings if the investors have been told where to look. and the facebook c.e.o. and the co-founderrer of aol say she may
6:47 am
consider a role in politics, as the increasingly high profile executive and author of "lean in, her network is about $400 million. she has denied in public she is looking to move to a new position. as you mentioned, apple tv could be here by the end of the year package the with a mini tv letting you watch programming in another room but the price tag is up to $2,500. that is from the new york stock exchange. >> see you later, jane. >> now mike nicco and the forecast. lots of stuff we need to know. >> absolutely. i will show you what live doppler 7 hd is not doing, the radar is showing how dry it is even with the thick marine layer of clouds and upper level clouds streaming through our neighborhood. we will talk about the visibility and we have been tracking that for the better part of the morning, the fog, napa and livermore have the lowest visibility and most
6:48 am
dangerous area to drive, at half mile there, and 1.75 mile in santa rosa and novato it is three miles visibility. from the east bay hills back, that is a gorgeous shot. look at the sun coming up to the north of mount diabolo contrasted with the clouds, that is just a phenomenal shot. but we have to move on. here is what will happen today, spotty sunshine, warm temperatures, the coast will be mild but the rest of us are warm. morning rain tomorrow and best chance of seeing clips are across the north bay. look at the santa clara valley, low 70's around sunnyvale and upper 70's in gilroy. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70's and millbrae it will be 66 degrees. and 61 at half moon bay and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and 64 at sausalito
6:49 am
with low 70's through the north bay valley and only 60 degrees at the beaches today and upper 60's for mid-70's along the east bay shoreline from 68 in richmond and berkeley to 73 in freeway and temperatures in the east bay valleys, we will have mid-70's here fairfield and antioch and livermore are the warmer spots. tonight it will be mild with santa rosa and napa in the upper 40's and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's. the high pressure is holding but it is political by the front from the west. we will have clouds but it is a mild flow. we will have thicker clouds in the mid-and upper levels and we will lose the lower clouds, and slick streets tomorrow for the commute because of the rain coming in around 3:00. by 5:00, most of us are getting rain and then it becomes light-to-moderate rain from action to 7:00, and you can see the yellow move away after 9:00 hour and by noon we are dealing with scattered showers and we will have that through friday
6:50 am
morning. rainfall amount is .25" to .5", and half in the south bay and double that in our mountains. the seven-day outlook is four to eight degrees cooler tomorrow spilling in to friday and warmer on saturday and sunday. >> we have been tracking this because we had a feeling it would get serious. a sig-alert, eastbound 80, beyond treasure island on the lower deck of the bay bridge a dump truck earlier struck the upper deck with the roof and now we have concrete debris to mop up so we have one lane blocked. you can see the pain that it is causing as you leave san francisco. a sig-alert eastbound 80 beyond treasure island. also, another crash we are following, through fremont, southbound 880, heavy backup to this three car crash and the good news it is on the shoulder. the drive along san mateo bridge is hooking -- looking busy out
6:51 am
there but it is still slowing. >> five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:52 am
>> as we get ready to hang it off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, developing news in the north bay where an assault suspect is in the hospital after being shot by a police officer in napa. it happened in a diner parking lot last night during a steak out when agents tried to arrest him. a struggle broke out and an officer shot the suspect in the chest. >> number two, a bay area paramedic is in critical condition this morning after getting shot in the head while driving through oak. family members and coworkers say he is quinn boyer and he works for santa clara county ambulance in san jose. police are still searching for the shooter. >> number three, a prayer service is being held today for a college student killed over the weekend in san francisco, the 19-year-old was a star
6:53 am
athlete and honor student home for spring break. investigators think the gunman mistook him for a gang member. the vigil is head at the shooting scene. >> number four, caltran will reinspect hundreds of parts on the new span of the bay bridge provided by the ohio company behind the steel rods that recently broke. this is according to the chronicle with a third of the rods from dyson corporation snapped when tightened. >> president obama is coming to the bay area to head line private fundraisers tonight and tomorrow to be used for the mid-term congressional elections. president obama was last year on a fundraising trip in october for his re-election campaign. >> now a final check of the accweather forecast. >> no delays into sfo or north san jose or oakland. in san rafael, you did see the fog is thickest in the north bay valley. it will take until 9:00 for the
6:54 am
fog to start lifting in our valley and it will take until noon for it to start lifting over our bay water and the coast will be cloudy for the better part of the day, and warmest inland upper 60's to mid-70's and around the bay, mid-60's for mid-70's. >> we are going back to the sig-alert that is along eastbound 80 beyond treasure island, that will be around for a little while longer due to some road clean up and that is because of a dump truck that hit the upper deck. as a result, capital corridor trains 520 and 523 are noticing a 15-minute delay due to the bay bridge so give your sell extra time this morning. >> by the way, third dayen 9 job, how are you liking it? >> loving it. loving it. >> welcome to the abc7 news where sleep is optional. we continue in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic.
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good morning, america. breaking now, a dangerous prison break sparks an urgent manhunt overnight for two con victims on
6:58 am
the run run vanishing from a texas jail. watch as our correspondent discovers this gaping hole. officials say that was the escape hatch. this top basketball coach under fire right now, caught on tape shoving, grabbing, kicking and throwing balls at his rutgers basketball team. chris christie and lebron james condemning these scenes. first broadcast on espn. brand-new details on what really happened to the breakout star of the reality show "buckwild." we are live near the set where a fatal mud hole brought his truck down and have what firefighters found on the scene. >> ladies, let's make a sound. if you thought making your salad was boring, not anymore. you'll meet the guy who's just gone viral for how he's dressing and undressing your dinner tonight. >> oh, hey. it's a zesty morning, america.
6:59 am
good morning, america. robin off today. welcome back to amy robach who was tickled by that guy in the open. >> tickled or it was nice to see. >> it was nice to see. we'll see a lot more of him later. a lot to get to including new and ominous moves from north korea. every day brings another provocation. official worry this momentum could trigger an actual war and martha raddatz is live on the scene. >> two potential rivals for president, hillary clinton and joe biden both taking the stage. they were together last night for a public event. is this what the primary race in 2016 may look like? >> it's only 2013. ballroom shocker last night on "dancing with the stars." wynonna judd and partner tony dovolani voted off. we'll talk to both of them this morning. >> all that coming up. right to the headlines. josh, from north korea. >> going to go to the korean peninsula for the breaking news. it appears north korea is on the march toward war. an ominous new


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